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Marketing, Strategy & Growth

A selection of competencies can be found below:

"Upstream Marketing" (Top Line Organic Growth):  Strategic Marketing 

- Market analysis: trends, scenarios, road mapping, sizing, shares

- Customer analysis: segmentation, personas, value proposition, stories

- Competitor analysis: profiling

- Overall yearly strategic planning

- GTM and marketing mix

- VOC and survey design

- NPI through design thinking and MVP/prototype through Agile approach

- Brand, communications and media plan

- Inorganic growth: target identification, financial statements, valuations

- Company data analysis and interpretation

"Downstream Marketing" (Top Line Organic Growth): 

Brand Building & Lead Gen/Nurturing Campaigns

- Content: optimized collaterals for personas/segments

- Event planning and coordination 

- Webinar planning and coordination 

- Offline campaigns: print, video, radio, POS

- Creative campaigns

- Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) campaigns

- Telemarketing campaigns

- Online campaigns: email, PPC, SEO optimization, display, social

- Funnel management

- Metrics and measurement 

Innovation Management (Top Line Organic Growth)

- Information gathering and evaluation

- System for innovation management

Process Improvement (Bottom Line Organic Growth)

- Process analysis and improvement

- Inventories

M&A (Inorganic Growth):

- Strategic due diligence / intelligence (buyer & seller)

- Cultural and ethical due diligence (buyer & seller)

- Investment case & valuation

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